Urban Hunting

Soooooo….this week I was gonna put up a post in my Light Rail Diaries section.  It was about drunk passengers, ladies that talk too loud & spread their business, street walkers, unicorns, corporate businessmen, crazy people that drive Prius’, midgets, pregnant women, stray dogs, 6 ft tall crossdressers wearing bad wigs, dancing babies….and my all time favorite…Paula Patton.  Ok…maybe not Paula Patton.

Or, maybe not even the crazy Prius drivers.  Or, maybe I was gonna write about one or two of those things & the Mrs suggested I write something a tad bit different.

Yeah, let’s go with that.  Time to be different.  So here you go ladies and gents.  I present to you something different:

Urban Hunting

Her eyes are squinted so that she can focus on her target.  Her body is crouched low so that she can remain quiet and unseen.  Her movements are slow and steady.  She knows that the slightest noise will alert him. Just like the fiercest predator on the African plains, she stalks her prey.

Quiet & patient.  Slow & stealthy.  Patience is the name of the game she plays. Every step she takes puts her one moment closer to claiming her prize.  A prize that can only be held by one, but is constantly fought for by them both.

Here it is.  The moment of truth.  The opportunity she has worked for.  He is clueless.  She is fully aware.  Eyes still squinted.  Mind still focused.  Her muscles, once relaxed, are now tensed, flexed, and ready to pounce.

With one fluid motion, she leaps through the air.  Like a lioness stalking her prey for the pride, she leans in….. SLAP!  Right across the back of his head.  Then in a continuous motion using her arms to push him to the mattress.

Photo Nov 06, 11 12 25 AM

My buddy Jaylah. So sweet and full of energy.

Yup, she got him this time.  Jaylah is the Queen of the hill!  While baby Kam looks at me in disbelief like: “Dude, you really gonna let her do a brotha like that!?!”

Lets pause for a moment:

Why not say anything?  Well, because that’s what these two do (my neice and nephew…if you didn’t know).  They fight like cats and dogs all day, every day.

Had I stopped her, she just would’ve waited until I wasn’t watching.  How do I know?…well, Sam and I used to do the same thing when we were kids.

Back to our story:  There she stands.  Hands held high like a heavy weight champion who just won the title.  She feels triumphant.  So, she bounces up and down as if she’s lighter than a feather.  She’s the boss now.

Anger clouds his judgement.  So he makes it a thing of the past.  All he can think of is revenge.  Reclaiming what was once his is now his goal.

Unbeknownst to her, her most recent victim had already begun his plot of revenge.  Kam, not at all shaken by what just happened, walked away as if nothing had happened.  He used this time to chose his next course of action.

A master plan formed in the mind of a crafty and very intelligent 2 year old. Minutes later he took a totally different plan of attack than his most recent enemy.  He played it cool.  Instead of a slow stealthy approach, he chose to play the role of the double agent.

With a gentle smile and a warm hug, he embraced her.  By this time, all was forgotten by Jaylah.  She was still on cloud 9 after her recent victory. Not him.  Not Kam.  His competitive nature will not allow anything to be taken from him.  Even if what was taken was nothing more than an imaginary crown.

Photo Nov 06, 11 10 47 AM

Look at this guy. How could you say no to a face like that?

Revenge was on his mind.  It quickly began to show on his face.  That glowing, adorable smile that once graced his face had faded away just as quickly as it appeared.

With the swiftness of a cheetah and the skill of a football player, he wrapped his body around hers, taking her to the ground.  He looked so much like his daddy.  A chip off the ‘ole block…lil Sam looked like big Sam as he slammed ball carriers down to the ground when they dared invade his space.

Her shock was understandable.  His triumph was undeniable.  The rivalry of young siblings is only just beginning.  The crown was his once again.  In one swift motion, he used her body as a stepping stool as he stood in victory.

“STOOOOOP BABY KAMERON!” …”And now it starts” was what I mumbled to myself as the two of them wrestled and fought each other for the next few minutes.

These continuous battles that they fight day in and day out will only strengthen the relationship that they will have for years to come.  I know this because I can speak from experience.  What seems like hatred between two youngsters is actually the beginnings of a love and a bond that will not be broken by anyone else.

Moments later the screams and howls of anger and pain were replaced by cheers of joy and enthusiasm.  Oh, how quickly things change.  This is why I didn’t say anything.  I knew that at some point, they would kiss and make up.  The last thing that either of them will ever do is cause serious harm to the other.  At the end of the day, no one will protect Kam like Jaylah, and no one will fight for Jaylah like Kam.  Sibling rivalry soon blossoms into sibling love.

These two will forever share a bond that no one will break.

These two will forever share a bond that no one will break.

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  1. Bri Hughes says:

    Awwww. 😀

  2. Krysta says:

    Aww! I miss them!

  3. Vivi says:

    Loved it! So very cute.. Brings back memories of my me and my brothers!!! great job Mel!

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