The Banned List

The Banned List


Many of you may be wondering what the “Banned List” is.  It’s very simple actually.  “The Banned List” consists of people, places, or things that you choose not to associate yourself with any longer.  For example, if you go to restaurant “A” and you get food poisoning, then you may put restaurant “A” on your “Banned List” until further notice.

My first encounter with the term “Banned List” came when I moved to California and I began working for my current boss Ed.  He was giving me the rundown of the company, and what my responsibilities were.  While he was talking, I noticed that he had a white board hanging on his wall with different sections.  Each section had notes and scribbles indicating different responsibilities or duties that he had to accomplish in the coming weeks.   There was something on this board that just didn’t belong, at least in my eyes….the phrase “Banned List.”  Under this heading was a list of names of different things, foods, and places.

When he was done with his rundown, and it was communicated that I fully understood what we discussed, I asked him what a “Banned List” was.  He said plainly (in his thick Chicago accent):  “If I don’t like it, or I feel like I’ve been done wrong in any way…it gets banned.  No questions asked….period….end of discussion….the line gets drawn in the sand.”

Over the years, things have been added, taken down, and re-added to his list for various reasons.  Here are a few just to give you an idea:

Red Lobster:  Over priced microwavable meals.

Subway:  Not really a foot long (he measured), and the bread isn’t soft enough….besides, Togo’s tastes better.

Hooters:  Waaaay too overpriced.  The food wasn’t good.  The wings were average for a place that claims to have the best wings around.  The ambiance was less than impressive (if you know what I mean).

I Am David:  A movie that was long, boring, and full of plot holes. (The guy who recommended this movie was temporarily banned from movie recommendations)

Twilight: “I mean…c’mon! They’re vampires that sparkle in the day time!”

After working with Ed and the rest of my coworkers (who all have “Banned Lists” of their own) I began to form a list of things, places, and people I felt should be banned.  In the coming days, weeks, and months I will be letting you know who or what is on my “Banned List.”

If you have a list of your own…please let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Krysta says:

    YES!!! I’m gonna start my Banned list!!!!

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