Light Rail Diaries: 7.22.13 (Morning/Afternoon Editions)


(Morning/Afternoon Editions)

Another cool morning.  Another comforting walk to the station.  Everyone waiting for the train looked calm, cool, and relaxed.  We all stayed relaxed while we took our morning ride north.  Some people got a little too relaxed.

Like my man that sat a few rows ahead of me.  Ole boy must’ve had a rough night because he was knocked out.  I can’t hate on it.  I actually encourage a morning or afternoon nap on public transit.  It’s much better than sleeping while driving (obviously).

Sleeping beauty must've been having dreams about the evil queen.

Sleeping beauty must’ve been having dreams about the evil queen.

I will, however, only suggest napping if you’re a light sleeper.  I say this because my friend on the train this morning started talking to himself.   He must have been having a nightmare, because every once in awhile he would kick the small barrier in front of his seat.  Sleeping on the train is a definite no-no if you’re gonna let everyone around you know that something or someone is chasing you.  Just sayin’.

Just an FYI...walking on the tracks isn't the safest thing to do.

Just an FYI…walking on the tracks isn’t the safest thing to do.

This afternoon we were all greeted on our platform by a gentleman that had an apparent death wish.  My man decided an afternoon stroll up the light rail tracks was a great idea….not really.  Fortunately for him, our train wasn’t due for another 5 minutes.  Fortunately for me, he and I didn’t get into the same train car.

On our ride home, things were quiet.  There were a couple of folks talking loud about the day’s happenings and other daily events.  Nothing unusual.  Besides, it’s the end of the day, and people were ready to unwind.

Now, it’s on to the grocery store I go.  Gotta cook dinner for one lovely lady.

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2 thoughts on “Light Rail Diaries: 7.22.13 (Morning/Afternoon Editions)

  1. Sean Finlayson says:

    The last thing I could do is sleep on there. I would be too paranoid. lol

    • Mel says:

      I hear you on that. I would be able to catch a cat nap, but for me…I’m too afraid that I’ll miss my stop. lol

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