Movie Reviews: Fruitvale Station

Movie Reviews:

Fruitvale Station

How many knuckleheads do you know?  C’mon, be honest.  We all know at least one.  You may just be the one we are talking about right now.  Me, I know quite a few.

You know the type of person I’m talkin’ bout…right?  That guy/gal that just never seems to stay out of trouble.  Or when he/she gets a good thing, they always find a way to mess it up.   Continue reading

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Movie Reviews: The Wolverine

Movie Reviews:  The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman is back as Logan aka Wolverine in Marvel’s latest superhero action flick “The Wolverine.”  This movie takes place sometime after the events of X-Men:  The Last Stand, which was the third, and widely regarded as the worst, film in the original X-Men trilogy.

In The Wolverine, we find Logan down and out as he struggles with his life as an outcast and some of the choices he’s made in his past (most notably the death of the woman he loved, Jean Grey).  When we catch up with Logan, he is living as a mountain man.  He is now an outcast from society whose only friend is a grizzly bear. Continue reading

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Movie Reviews: Unconditional

Unconditional was released in 2012 on a limited basis.  It tells the story of a young woman, Samantha Crawford.  Sam, as she’s called, lives on a ranch with her husband Billy.  They are living the life they always dreamed of having.  He is happy with his work as a repairman while she spends her days writing, illustrating, and publishing children’s books. Continue reading

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Movie Reviews: Pacific Rim

I’ve been a little behind on my movie reviews.  What can I say?  July is a busy month.  A brother only gets to celebrate his birthday once a year….now, on to our movie review. Giant robots going toe to toe with giant alien monsters.  This sounds so familiar doesn’t it?  Now where have I heard this before?   Continue reading

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Movie Reviews: World War Z

Do you like zombie movies?  No?  Well, neither did I.  28 Days Later…nope.  Night of the Living Dead…no sir.  Day of the Dead…I don’t think so.

I didn’t like zombie movies nor did I like anything zombie related.  With the exception of Sean of the Dead (really funny movie by the way), I always stayed away from this genre of entertainment.  It just always grossed me out.  The fact that I’m kinda squeamish doesn’t help either. Continue reading

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