Amazing….truly amazing!


Thirty-three years ago Evelyn Hughes, my momma, was preparing to be a mom for the first time.  I can only imagine how nervous she was.  The fear and anxiousness she felt as she would feel that tiny person moving around in her belly had to be, at some points, intimidating.  Another thing…could she be as good a mother her kids as her own mother was to her and her siblings?

I once heard her tell a story about when she was in her final few weeks of pregnancy.  She was standing in the mirror looking at her belly and was in amazement how much it had grown since she found out she was with child.  After a few minutes….her belly dropped!  In a confused state, and in near shock, she called the one person that she knew would have all the answers…her mom.  “Ma!”  She yelled in a panic.  “My…my belly just dropped!  What’s going on?  Is there something wrong with the baby?”  With the calm, cool manner only she seemed to possess,  Mrs Annie (Grandma) told her to “calm down child.  That just means he is on his way.  So, relax.  You will be a mother soon enough.  Don’t worry child of mine.  You will do just fine.” Continue reading

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Grand Ma G and Nanna

Forever Linked


Grandma G and Nanna. Two women that will forever hold special places in my heart. These are two women that each poses unique personalities, but both would bring a smile to your face at the drop of a hat.

Grandma G is Nanna’s mother. For as long as I could remember, Nanna was Grandma G’s caretaker. Nanna worked tirelessly around the clock to make sure that her mom had everything she needed and was very well taken care of. For that alone, Nanna should have won a daughter of the year award every year during my first 20+ years on this earth. Continue reading

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My favorite Aunt. So full of surprises.


So, do you know how you think you know all there is to know about someone, but then you find out that you still have a little bit more to learn? One of my favorite aunts is my mom’s sister…Weez. Weez is all I’ve ever called her. From the moment I first started talking until now….that’s who she is. W.E.E.Z.

Weez is a very successful woman back in South Carolina. She is semi retired from the state’s Employment Security Commission where she works tirelessly to aid others gain meaningful employment. She also is a member of the Chester City Council where she works even harder to make my home town a better place to live. If anyone deserves an award for making the world more pleasant, it’s her. Continue reading

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Hey Grandma. How are you doing? It’s been a long time since we last spoke. I know. I know. I need to do better. Well, I won’t fib, it’s been kinda hard since you left. I had a hard time dealing with you being gone, but I had to be strong for Ma and my brothers and sisters. I promise that I’ll call you more from here on out.

Since it’s been so long, lemme catch you up on what’s been going on with us. Ma and Pop’s are doing well. Yup, their marriage seems to be stronger than ever. They both are two of my best friends. I call them often to check up on them and to laugh about what’s new going on in my life or their’s. OH!! Pop’s finally finished the house. You would love it. There are so many rooms in it, you would get lost. It’s kinda his pride and joy, and Ma has a big kitchen too. Continue reading

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Ms. Cynthia

A very classy lady.

Ms. Cynthia is one of the coolest ladies I know. So chill and relaxed, she could probably freeze boiling water.

She has slowly become one of my good friends here in Cali. Whenever I go visit her, we end up talking for the longest time. I often lose track of how long I’ve been there visiting.

We exchange stories about our childhoods and some of the crazy things we did as kids. From me getting in serious trouble for throwing snowballs into my parent’s house (don’t ask…as I shake my head and roll my eyes…I’ll tell you about it later) to her getting into trouble in elementary school…not too unusual except for the fact that her teacher lived right down the street from her house. We will both laugh uncontrollably and sigh while thinking “Those were the days.” Continue reading

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