Best…Siblings…EVER!!! (Light Rail Diaries: 7.29.13)

Welp, I didn’t ride the train today.  I decided to take Big Baby out for the day.  She deserved to be shown off just a bit.  I’ll get into that in just a minute.  Before I get into why, I would like to say that I have the BEST…SIBLINGS…EVER!!!

If you didn’t already know, I have a very large family (If you want to know a little more about each of them, click here).  I have 9 brothers and sisters.  8 biological, and 1 “adopted.”  They are (takes deep breath):  Sam, Joyce, Alisha, Kenny, Krysta, David, Caila, Carolyn, and Malcolm (the “adopted” brother).

Growing up we didn’t have much in terms of materialistic things.  We made the best out of our situations.  When there were no toys to play with, we made up our own games.  Hey Hughes’, remember “Dark-Dark Shadows?”  Which was basically hide-n-seek in a dark room.  What about building castles or forts out of the seat cushions of the couches at the house?  Or Sam, remember when we didn’t have a large wardrobe?  We shared our clothes and plotted out who would wear what and when.  That way, no one would catch on (hopefully) what we were doing.

All these things, and some, brought us closer together.  So, whenever one of us needs something, or we want to do something for a member of the family, all we have to do is say the word.  We are there.  Through time, and the expansion of our ever growing family brings change…we never forget that family is truly all we have.

From left to right: Me(L), Malcolm, Sam, Kenny, Pops, Deanna (Dave's wife), Dave, Ma, Carolyn, Caila, Krysta, Alisha, Joyce

From left to right: Me(L), Malcolm, Sam, Kenny, Pops, Deanna (Dave’s wife), Dave, Ma, Carolyn, Caila, Krysta, Alisha, Joyce

A couple of weeks ago I turned 33.  It brought along the usual text messages, Facebook posts, and phone calls all wishing me a very happy birthday.  Being the person I am, that’s all I needed.  A message here or an encouraging word there from my brothers and sisters was more than enough to fill my heart with pride and joy.

To have anything more than that would be just a bonus.  Growing up the way we did, not having much and surviving off love and hope, we all learned not to expect much when it came to going places or obtaining things our hearts desired.  When we did get something, you had best believe we cherished it, and treated the simplest and most inexpensive thing as if it were worth a million dollars.

That’s one of the main reasons I call my truck Big Baby.  I gave her a name because she is mine, and what’s mine I take care of.  I always tell people:  “Treat your car like your lady (or guy).  If you show them love and devotion, they will show you the same in return.  If you treat them like crap, then don’t expect a smooth ride through life.”

This past Saturday my lovely wife and I went to the Oakland A’s game with my homeboy Sean and his girlfriend (I should add that my wife insisted that we drive her car so that Big Baby could rest).  We had a fantastic time.  The A’s won 3-1 over the Anaheim Angels.

On our way home, Bri was complaining about being really tired and wanting to take a nap when we got home.  When we were about 10-20 minutes away from the house she suddenly gained a ton of energy.  So, she decided that we should go to the local sporting goods store so that I could get a new pair of running shoes for our upcoming race (a story for another day).

After about 20-30 minutes of shopping, we were done.  I had my shoes.  Off to the house we went.

Sidenote:  before I go any further, I need to add that everyone of my friends and family knows how much I love football.  They also know who my favorite team is.  If you don’t already know, I would like to let you all know that the Atlanta Falcons are accepting applications for you to hop on their bandwagon now…like ASAP.  When week one of the NFL season has officially started, all applications submitted thereafter will be rejected.  I’ve been a true fan since we drafted Deion Sanders back in 1989.  I’ve been there when we were good, but not great in our run-n-shoot days.  I held my head high with pride when we made it to the Super Bowl back in ’98.  I shook it in disgust when we lost in embarrassing fashion in a one sided manner, but I stayed loyal to my boys.  Yes, the Mike Vick days were good, and sometimes great.  When it came crashing to an awful end…again I stayed loyal to my boys.  Now the Matty Ice era is in full swing.  You had best believe and take note that I am there waving my Falcon flags with pride.  GO FALCONS!!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

When we pulled into our driveway in our apartment complex I noticed that there was something dramatically different about Big Baby.  The Suburban nameplate was noticeably missing from her rear door panel.  Right in the middle of the door perfectly placed was a chromed out Chevy symbol with the Atlanta Falcons logo cut into the middle.  I was like….whaaaaaaaaaa!?!  Sam, you got me.

Chevy Emblem with an Atlanta Falcon cut in the middle.

Chevy Emblem with an Atlanta Falcon cut in the middle.

Now, my brother Sam is the owner and operator of CSC Customs LLC, a custom metal works shop here in San Jose, CA.  He specializes in making car emblems, medal holders, and basically anything else you can imagine.  Dude is really good when it comes to his craft, and I’m not saying that just because he’s my brother.  Check out his website (here) so you can see what I mean.

Soon thereafter, I was bombarded with text messages and phone calls from all my siblings wishing me a Happy Belated Birthday!  Apparently they all have been plotting this for quite some time.  They all pooled their money together and chipped in to purchase the material and pay for the labor to have this custom piece added to my truck.

Little did I know that this was not the last of their gifts.  After spending the evening with Sam, his lovely daughter, and Bri watching the San Jose Sabercats (Arena Football League team) defeat the Chicago Soul, we all headed to the parking lot where I parked Big Baby.  On my way to the truck, I noticed something different.  She had a bit more of a shine to her than she normally did…They got me again.

Big Baby before and after.

Big Baby before and after.

While we were at the baseball game, Sam, with the help of my wife, got my spare key and did some great work on my truck.  He replaced the front grille, and added CSC Customized emblems to the front and back of my Big Baby.  Apparently, he wasn’t done when we were on our way home.  So, he told my sleepy wife that he needed at least another 15-20 minutes.  That’s why she woke up and changed her tune so quickly.

The fact that my siblings thought enough of me to pitch in and make such a fantastic addition to my truck is awesome.  It’s things like this that make me proud to be a Hughes.  No matter how much we fuss and fight, no matter the stress or strife, we always know that at the end of the day we are loved.

So, to Sam, Joyce, Alisha, Kenny, Krysta, David, Caila, Carolyn, and Malcolm…thank you all!  I love y’all.  To me, this is more than just accessories added to my truck, this is an example of brothers and sisters loving each other dearly.

Now I can ride in style and do a little promoting at the same time.


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5 thoughts on “Best…Siblings…EVER!!! (Light Rail Diaries: 7.29.13)

  1. David says:

    We love you bro! Like you, I often don’t expect much from birthdays and treat every “extra” gift like gold. Like Ma told me once “My kids do enough for me every day of the year, a birthday present is just icing on the cake.”

  2. Krysta says:

    *taps myself on the back* well you know we try 🙂 I remember when Ma used to make a cake for everyone’s bday and getting to lick the bowl was the best present ever!!!!!

  3. Mel says:

    I know. Makes me want to attempt to make a cake for Kam’s birthday. The bowl is mine lol

  4. Betty Roundtree says:

    So thankful that you all have a special bond like this, it warms my heart and ur parents should be so proud

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