Light Rail Diaries 8.26.13 (Afternoon Edition)

Afternoon Edition

Got her man!

Yup. Another victim for the light rail PO-leese. Her notepad was humming as she wrote out the fine for the young man who neglected to buy that $2 ticket to board the train. Looked like she was thinking “what an idiot.”

“Really?” That’s what he mouthed as he saw her board the train heading south on the tracks. The look on his face was priceless. But there was nothing he could do.

It’s true that you don’t know the story of the person standing next to you. I’m sure that the gentleman that was pulled off the train today was more than able to pay his way from one end of San Jo to the other.

I still don’t get it. Why don’t folk just spend the cash to avoid a fine that’s gonna set them back a couple Benjamin’s? Common sense people.

There is a lesson to be learned here. If you are going to take a risk that may hurt you in the future, make sure that your payoff is well worth that risk. Also be prepared to face the penalties if your boldness does not come through.

Welp….like my father says: “ayyyy lawd.” Another one bites the dust.


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Light Rail Diaries 8.26.13 (Morning Edition)


Morning Edition

Another cool morning.  Another relaxing walk to the train station.  Fresh air leads to a fresh start to a new week.

The train was unusually crowded this morning.  That only made today’s ride a little longer, because of all the short delays.  Oh yeah, that’s right…school is in session.  I was wondering why all these young faces were out so early.  Some looked chipper and ready to get to work.  While others had that undeniable look of dread.

Here we are, the northbound Santa Clara train overflowing with folk from nearby places of business and education…the students far outnumbered we, the working citizens.  It was OK.  We all had that common goal of wanting to safely get to our destinations.

Seeing all these young folk (listen to me sounding like a well aged man…next thing you know, I’ll be calling them “whipper snappers” and “young bucks”) with their books, bags, and supplies made me wonder.  “What if we (working class folk) had a summer vacation?”  That would be frickin’ awesome!

Could you imagine not wanting to quit your job or “bless” your boss out, because you’re gonna get a 3 month break in June?  What about the fact that you know that for three whole months, you could stay up as late as you want, and get up as late as you want.  Work…HA!  Not for me!  I’ll get back to that place in September.

It would be the most fantastical (I was being silly when I wrote this word…no clue it was actually in Webster’s.  Go figure) idea ever created.  Think about it.  No need to use your vacation days just to recharge your batteries.  Always knowing that the best times of year to travel are all your’s because you’re free to do what you want.  Having three months to job search in case you decided to flip tables, chairs, and fingers on your way out to begin your vacay.  Yup, thats pretty awesome.

Alas, it will never happen, because this is the real world.  Unless one of us wins the lottery (which reminds me…gotta pick up a ticket today), three month vacations are a thing for students, rich folks, and the imaginations of people like us.

It’s all good though. Going to work gives me an opportunity to do different things, make tons of money (yeah right), and see so many things that inspire me to be a thinking black man.  Enjoy the rest or your day.



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Light Rail Diaries: 8.12.13 (Morning/Afternoon Editions)


(Morning/Afternoon Editions)

Both this morning and this evening on the train was very quiet.  Like me, I think most everyone was trying to recover from a very long weekend.  I can’t say that everyone’s weekend was as eventful as mine.  Let’s just say, that mine was full of interesting things to do.  Can you say Vegas?  Don’t ask, and I won’t tell.  If you ask, I still won’t tell.  Those are the rules.  I didn’t make them up.  That’s Vegas.  If you break their rules, they won’t let you back in.

Anywho, after finishing up one of my recent episodes of Breaking Bad (awesome show by the way) on my handy dandy iPhone, I started surfing the web for anything that would catch my eye.  Catch something I did. Continue reading

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You Say Whaaaaa? 10k?

“Why run…when I can walk?  Why walk…when I can drive?” ~Mel Hughes~

Oh yeah buddy.  That’s my motto.  People that know me know that running is not in my top 100 favorite things to do in my spare time.  I would rather walk places rather than run.  Hey, call me lazy, but last I checked speed walking was an Olympic event.  Although, I can’t see myself strutting my way to the grocery store that way.  I prefer a casual stroll (with a cool “pimp” in my step).  Yeah, that sounds perfect.  What better way to enjoy the scenery…right? Continue reading

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Movie Reviews: Fruitvale Station

Movie Reviews:

Fruitvale Station

How many knuckleheads do you know?  C’mon, be honest.  We all know at least one.  You may just be the one we are talking about right now.  Me, I know quite a few.

You know the type of person I’m talkin’ bout…right?  That guy/gal that just never seems to stay out of trouble.  Or when he/she gets a good thing, they always find a way to mess it up.   Continue reading

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